Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The day's to remember.....

This is me when i was still in second year high school......

 I  always miss this.. being a SENIOR  GIRL SCOUT OF THE PHILLIPPINES.....lage akong pinapadala sa mga camping  maging sa mga celebrations at seminar.... 

We always have kulitan portion with my sister,., actually we  have the same like and it is "picture...picture....."

 Every time my eldest brother will come home, we use to go to Chowking and eat a lot and a lot....especially me..... I use to eat there halo-halo with what they called it " sagul-sagul"

Last December, we went to Robinsons to watched ENTENG NG INA MO but before that we take our dinner with my family in Greenwich.....I really miss this day. Having my family with me, makes my day complete........


  1. ka maot gid nimo day hahahaha. joke lang..

  2. hehe.. so cute Mayet! how i wish i can post my pictures in high school. but back there I'm so ugly...haha :)

  3. ang cute naman!

    GOD bless you cutie mayette. :)