Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Final Exam schedule.....

Subject      Oct. 3           Oct.4       Oct.5            Oct.6    
Fil.                                                7:00-8:30
History   8:00-9:30
P.E         10:00-11:30
English                                         2:00-3:30
Hum.                                                                   7:00-8:30
TRIGO.                                                               2:30-4:00
ALGEB.                    4:00-5:30   

Good Luck 2 Meeeee!!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

CEA's college day

strive hard
  Last September 9,2011, we are having our CEA's college day. Everyone of us are busy to choose our  designated games.At that day, there was a girl who join the competition in badminton and girl is ME. I join the said competition because i want to play  just for fun.
   As the game started, i was very nervous staying inside the court. My heart beats faster as i was facing to my opponent.As the game was going on,our score was very close until it come to a point that our score are both 20 points so they add 2 our score. the first who got the 2 points, will be the winner.Because of my carelessness, I hit the shuttle cock very strong so it drops out of the court. That what made him the champion of the game..but it is is just a game!!!!!!