Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Its been a long time since i never write any of my blog. I've been really busy this past few months focusing in my study, doing my job as a staff in our University Publication and an extra-employee of one of the offices in our school. I never thought that their will be such a good opportunity like this will come upon my life. I feel like i'm so bless to have the people who surrounds me. They are the one-my family who lifts my spirit continuously burning and let me give the courage to continue the journey I've started .
I'v encountered many trials in my life but i think, this is not yet the time to give-up instead to cheer-up and continue the life started. I should be strong for every trials that will come along my way. I knew i cant please everyone but at least I've tried my very best to let them show and know that I, Mayette Hanna F. Diez will not stop until i can reach the very top of my life which is my ambition to become a license Civil Engineer someday. I will never let anyone ruin the dreams that i have plan for my life because i know, the plan that i'm planning, is the plan that God is planning for me.

Have a nice day ahead to all the readers out there...hheheheh